Oh My God, They’ve Photoshopped Kenny!

What in the name of sweet flying Nostradamus on a pogo stick have they done to Kenny Rogers?!?!?!?!?!?

And don’t get me started on what planet abducted Emmylou Harris…..


3 thoughts on “Oh My God, They’ve Photoshopped Kenny!

  1. Don’t know what happened to emmylou. However, from what i can observe of Kenny, they’ve clipped off his beard, trimmed his bangs and given him botox?!~lol~

    At this very moment I’m listening to one of Kenny’s greatest hits ‘She believes in me” on dvd. His voice continues to remain velvety smooth and divine.

  2. Yeah SF it is! Being a full time bored designer I can vouch for the artists lack of interest and readyness with the clone/de-wrinkler tool

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