9 thoughts on ““Oh, That Phone…..”

  1. I still have and use one of these. I got it 5 and a half years ago and it still works fine. I have no intention of changing it anytime soon.

  2. I had one for work in 2004 and the b*&”@*$s took it away from us and gave use some crummy replacement………….. Life was never the same again…

  3. what is the sudden fascination with this model phone!

    on Newstalk this morning they were talking about these phones aswell, they were bulletproof! Those were the days you could drop a phone in a pint and if someone rang it it would still ring while being in a full pint!

    One of the first phones with bluetooth on it too…if yer into that kinda thing…

  4. Lots of people swear by this phone because of it’s reliability – but maybe it’s becoming a bit of a cult think – retro… So many phones today have far too much on them, when all you really want to do is make a call.

  5. my mum uses that phone because the resolution is so high on new phones that she can’t read the letters! i remember the first interchangeable cover nokias were rock solid too.

  6. See? Bizarre….. I wasn’t sure yesterday when we talked to yer man that anyone would have a clue what he was on about! Apparently not so…

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