Oh, The Humanity!


I love these guys.

They sent me in a bunch of these “Rick O’Shea Rifle Club” ones from a trendy new UK range of t-shirts.

Tell me why in the name of sweet Jesus you’d want one and it’s yours (this is a limited time offer while stocks last. I have 5 or 6)

11 thoughts on “Oh, The Humanity!

  1. I want one!
    I can sew on a letter “T” at the beginning and start a club for people who like desserts.

  2. Oooh look at this, more cool blogger merchandise – my “I love Irish bloggers” uniforms could be taking shape… first the Damien fluffy, then the Rick t-shirt… will Twenty be doing a woolly cap? 😛

    Rick, I’d like one just cos they look cool. That okay? I’d be happy to wander up to random strangers wearing similar and saying “Hey, look!” I’d tell everyone I won it in a fight-to-the-death contest of wit on your blog and they’d all be jealous. Wouldn’t they?

  3. (And I know it’s fluffy. I’m doing that thing where you undermine something you resent by getting it’s name wrong on purpose. Like your girlfriend’s ex. I’ll stop spamming now.)

  4. I must have one, the only word I can think of to describe it is ULTIMATE. If I don’t get one I’ll get a rifle and hunt down everyone who did get one until
    I find someone who takes my size. So I ask you; can you live with their blood on your hands??????? I can, more than worth it!!!

  5. why should i get a shirt? well, because i’ll be the envy of all my UK friends, because its almost tshirt weather over here in the frozen north of canada, and because i would love to have rick on my chest 😉 (j/k)

  6. Rick I should get one because I never win anything, or get anything free ever. Even when I sign up for free promo offers of things I still don’t get anything! The t-shirt is brilliant too and I’ll wear it with pride everyday*

    *Except for when I want to wear something else

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