Old People Conversations…

Had the most surreal conversation with a friend who came over one of the nights I was off last week coupled with another over the weekend in which early 30-somethings discussed:

Why the should bring back glass milk bottles (they’re more environmentally friendly and while we’re at it what happened to the good old fashioned door to door milkman?)

People’s recycling habits in general

The price of petrol (did you know that petrol is the equivalent of about €4.70 per gallon!!! Nah, me either…)

Bus routes (the ones they changed, when they used to smoke upstairs, the ones they still smoke upstairs on, friends who actually rode one route on it’s last ever bus out of nostalgia)

My parents wedding photos ( I actually have a copy and took them out to show a friend the hippy hairstyles and the celebrity guest at my parents wedding (Mr Pussy seeing as you had to ask…))

Seriously, one day you thing you’re Bart, the next you know you’re Grandpa…


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  1. Beacuse of the energy costs, water required and chemicals used to clean milk bottles for re-use, plastic bottles are more environmentally friendly (and can be recycled themselves)

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