Old Stuff – The New VW Beetle Review

As you might know if you hang around here I’ve had a couple of test drives on some new cars over the last while.

I laughingly call it my new part-time career as an unpaid motoring journo (who knows nothing about cars). It’s a niche market…

Got a spin of the brand new Volkswagen Ireland Beetle and I have to be straight with you to begine with so I don’t overstate my credentials – I’ve never even been a passenger in a Beetle. Ever.

So, starting from scratch? It’s a very, very smooth easy drive and it warms my bottom. I’m not used to having a button that does that… 🙂

The sunroof almost takes up the whole roof (like that), there’s plenty of boot space and a nice red and black interior trim thing going on.

As you can see from below it’s gorgeous to look at on the outside, the Fender (yes, I did say Fender) soundsystem is crystal clear and it has a load of other pretty little interior design touches that are well worth a look.

Shame the model I had didn’t seem to have the bluetooth phone thingymajig that the CC does but it does have in iPhone cable so you can play stuff from it to your heart’s content while ignoring the radio. Actually, maybe that’s not such a good idea…

Purdy, purdy. And no, it’s not a girl car.