10 thoughts on ““Our Kids Won’t End Up In Rehab, No, No No…”

  1. The comment above mine is a link from what looks like a spam site. You’d want to get Akismet spam filter installed to stop that kind of thing happening.

    On another note. Was changing my feed reader details for your blog and figured I could just type in rickoshea.wordpress.com – but it didn’t appear to be valid but I see you have a feedburner address (which is good) but you have the RSS icon hidden away “below the fold” – easy to miss – you should move that up the page in the sidebar or as one of your menu items on top (along with Home | About).

    Finally, why do you have this thing against this particular celebrity couple? Are they any better or worse than any other?

  2. Hi Alan, I don’t really… The Madeline McCann reference in the last post I did about them just appalled me, this caught my eye too. Actually saw them on Jonathan Ross the other night and they were surprisingly self deprecating!

  3. Reminds me of Jonathan Ross the other night “So Peter I heard you had Meningitis? Is it true your brain swelled to the size of a walnut…..?”


  4. Who needs serious journalism from the likes of Kevin Myers and Fintan O’Toole, the real stories are analysed in OK! Jordan on Britney, on the McCanns, on whether Gordon Brown is good for the country .

    Next week, Kerry Katona on whether the house-price crash really is nigh…

  5. Only just saw it now Alan.

    I, unlike the rest of the media world, am going to keep my quite strong opinions to myself and continue to not buy papers that have this splashed on the front page every day.

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