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Can you imagine how many there would be here if I actually put my mind to it?

Finally a breather in the bringing up of baby Max. It’s the first half hour I’ve had to myself in the 2 1/2 weeks since he arrived (parents all across the internet will be nodding sagely). Sleep is happening, some nights well (7 hours broken by 2 or 3 feeds), some nights not so well (one night this week I managed 2 1/2 hours total before the day began again….) All par for the course.

Loads happening…

Fionn Regan was in on Monday

The Manics on Wednesday

Loads more to come….


Since I started this entry it’s been over 24 hours 🙂 So much for a spare half hour!

Brian McFadden in the Roadcaster on Thursday… He can’t be that much taller than me, can he? I must have been stooping…

A number of random thoughts based on the still relatively tangental and incoherent nature of my thought processes:

Is Debussy the Killers of the classical music world? Have spent a fair amount of time over the last few nights listening to RTE Lyric FM. The theory (expounded over many years since I had my first son in ’98) is that if your baby is used to noise, he/she won’t wake easily if they’re asleep and someone coughs, slams a door etc etc etc.

It works. So for the last while I’ve been leaving the lovely Lyric on in the background all night when my son sleeps and he seems to love it. It also means John Kelly is appearing a disproportionate number of times in my dreams (they repeat his show in the middle of the night) but it’s a small price to pay 🙂

My Debussy question arises because I’ve heard the Clair De Lune twice over the last few days. It’s beautiful, perfectly restful and one of my favourite pieces of classical music but, given the high rotation it seems to be enjoying, does that make him the Killers of classical radio. Always there, still sounding great and one I look forward to hearing.

Not sure.

Speaking of Lyric they seem to have a few hours of what you’d normally call new age music first thing in the morning and it’s quite addictive. The sort of panpipe plinky plonky seagull wizard whalesong you find in healthfood stores and not the sort of thing I’d normally have any time for. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation talking, but it’s alright with me 🙂

Have spent a lot of the rest of my time listening to this:

As well as a lot of the existing Dublin stations being on test on DAB as well as all the national ones RTE has 4 on test transmission. One oldies, one kids, one news and one (the one I’m extremely unofficially involved in) called Service 7. It’s all still very “Coming Soon” but to hear it coming out crystal clear in my kitchen is very, very cool…

Also got a package from New York this week – Justin Gignac made good on his promise 🙂



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  1. Is the one you are extremely unoffically involved in Today FM as it’s showing up on the station id thingy on the radio? Are you defecting 🙂

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