Peigtanamo Bay…

Yesterday on the show we were looking for your suggestions for practical uses for the Great Blasket Island now that the government is buying it and, thus, it belongs to all of us 🙂

Of course the reason most of us remember the island is through Peig. My initial suggestion that we turn it into a penal colony with the name Peigtanamo Bay was only the beginning. Your suggestions were much better.

Juraspeg park

Spider peg spider peg does whatever a spider peg does

Pegboy mansion

TNT …… TNT….. TNT ……. TNT …… And all the copies of that bloody book ….. And wile-y-coyote to light the fuse…..

A version of the priory clinic…. Peig clinic for depression and severe psychological problems from having read the book…..

Peggy island: put 3 priests on it.

Peig-asis island. Have leprechaun hunts for americans, poitin on tap, a robotic peig greets u when u come ashore and have sean ban breathnach on the hill with a goat chorus singing the puc ar buile!

Keeping with a cuba reference… The bay of pegs

Build a prison on the island and call it alpegtraz

The island is of national importance so they should build a motorway through it

We need a “Peigsterdam” I reckon! It’s the only way to balance out all the misery that came from the flippin place!

Giant statue of ‘peg’ holdin book and torch. The statue of liber-peg

Turn the island into ASBO island, the kids could be forced to read the book all day long. Kids would be very well behaved with that as a threat!

Turn peg island into a 24hour party island, called paradise peg, with 24hr pubs and clubs

Huge war games! Paint ball, peg ball!

A big book burning ceremony every halloween, we cud call it armapeggon!

Call it peigless and rent it out for hen and stag weekends

Peigo land. Where u get to demolish her old house brick by brick!

What about peigatory? Seeing as the vatican got rid of purgatory, we could create our own irish vision of it. You’re stuck there after death unless your family pays a tax.

Put the island on craigslist for trade with a bigger island somewhere else and stay going to see what we can get. A lot like that red paper clip who ended up with a house.

4 thoughts on “Peigtanamo Bay…

  1. brilliant!
    two suggestions on one show! i mean, how many times does rick (the legend) read out a text that you send in, let alone 3!

    giant war games, statue of liberpeg…then that we nearly crashed the car. i remember a while ago rick, you had a few regular texters to the show (back at late night 2fm) or maybe just one but you would keep in touch with him…..if your recruiting again i want in….
    aidan, oranmore

  2. Thanks for the tickets Rick. It’s gonna be a great weekend. Then electric picnic the following week. Brilliant.

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