Had forgotten there are a few things I’m involved in over the next few months that I’m doing/involved in that I’ll probably be blogging about.

First one is that I’ve been asked to do is address one of the sessions here:

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything for Brainwave in my capacity as patron, this sounds like it’ll be real fun. I’m going to address a session on epilepy and humour!! Oh, and I get to go to Marseille. Knew this “having epilepsy” thing would pay off eventually.

And, just so’s you know I’ll be moving the show lock, stock and 3 smoking hours to Gerry Ryan’s slot between 9 and midday when he goes on holidays for the summer, Monday July 21st to Friday August 15th.

No panic, we’ll still do all the same stuff, just far more bleary eyed.

6 thoughts on “Plans

  1. Are you suggesting I give up on my diet of Ray D’Arcy for a month? I’m not sure I can do that, Mr Rick!

  2. sorry, but i wont be listening to this time slot. i usually sleep between 1am and 4am 😉

  3. Well I for one will definitely tune in to see how it goes. Fair play to ya 🙂 You’ll be great competition for D’Arcy’s arse…

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