Play Golf…?

My friends in Brainwave are starting the trawl for competitors for this year’s annual charity golf classic:

Date: Friday September 8th 2006

Venue: St. Margaret’s Golf Club

Tee times from 8.00 – 2.45

4 Ball Team Event

Team fee: E450.00 includes green fee & dinner.

BRAINWAVE winners trophy.

Wide range of individual & team prizes.

If you’re interested have a glance HERE


2 thoughts on “Play Golf…?

  1. Tell Alice Cooper about it. He’s mental about golf, maybe he’ll go?
    A long shot! (pardon the pun)

  2. God Rick I’ve been having a shufty around your site in the last few days and… do you find time to DJ?! I know your show is on late, but you must be wrecked after your whole day a-presenting and a-judging and a-launching! Fair play to you. I’m sweating now just reading about it!

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