Predictive Text-isms…

Bit of a wheeze tonight after I suggested a “pint” wiht a mate by text today which, because of predictive text, started as “shot” and went to “riot” before getting there…

Asked what was your favourite predictive text-ism…

If u write in tomb i found an interesting word, UNOB!

Hi rick. My name is karen. I’m very skinny. When i type my name in predictive text it comes up as lard! 🙂

My daughter’s called daisy and it comes up fairy which i like. She used 2go 2playgroup-which comes up as that well known word playgrous…!!! Al in Mayo. 🙂

Hey Rick. dont ask how i know, but with predictive text, you have to go through “cock” to get “anal”. Cloda in Naas.

Hey rick. If u try 2 put in aragorn (as in lotr) it comes up as brainso. Plz read dis out cos i know sniz and dis is usin da last of my cred! Ck in sligo xXx

Smirnoff comes out as poisoned! Dave in athlone

Brian comes up as asian. Danny

If u type in Eileen, diledo comes up! Pronounce it dildo!

When you try say Niamh,miami comes up-and my friend Niamh went to miami last year.Coincidence?i think not….jen,which is initially ken,then leo(which i am!)

The company i work for comes up as “hoar”.Kevin.

Rick, got a msg from a guy once asking if i wanted to in out vomite, couldn’t figure out if it was a new pet name r he meant tonite!, Niamh r Miami

Type in kurt cobain+add an e to d end and it comes up jus cocaine scary