PSP or not PSP, that is the question…

The other utterly cool thing about my weekend (seem to be a lot of those happening recently, don’t there? Good!) was last Friday when the lovely lady from EA Games popped out to the show after we came off and gave us a little “best of luck in the new show” gift – A Sony PSP.

Ya wha’ Gay? It’s the brand new handheld Playstation (PlayStation Portable) that Sony are bringing out in Europe in September. The one I have is Japanese with some American games but by the hokey it is going to revolutionise gaming (and that from an amateur like me whose last console was an Atari 2600!)

Have been playing Need For Speed Underground Rivals in every spare minute I can get all weekend and I’m hooked already. My little guy has a Gameboy Advance but this thing makes it look like an abacus. Big screen, huge sound, very decent battery life. My one quibble? That I’m not going to be able to buy more games for it until after the Summer!!!!

Very, very freakin’ sweet….


PS After reading back on the last few days I’ve just become very conscious that all I’ve talked about this week is freebies! Sorry, I am genuinely this excited and I will never, ever get blasé about all this…

When I get really impossibly cool stuff like this and I shrug it off like someone is offering me chewing gum, then go right ahead and shoot me… 🙂

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  1. theres no guarantee the games released for the European PSP will work for the American one you have, obviously because American games are released three to six months before our European games, and the don’t wanting us playing games before they Americans or the Americans before the Japanese. take a look around for a company that imports games though, and you’ll be playing them before the rest of us shoddy European gamers, also if you did own an Atari say “old school gamer” its technically true even if you did only did own one game and couldn’t beat it. just oozes self confidence too.

  2. Wolfie, The PSP games are not locked to any region, but the UMD Movies will be region encoded. Movies from Japan will work in Europe because they are bothe Region 2, but the American Movies will only work on American PSP with Region 1 playback.

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