Random Post Number 2,401

Just passed post numberrr 2,400.


Anyhew I just glanced at the top search engine terms that bring people here very briefly…

Today already?



tiny billy

naked teeneagers


pit bull




scariest youtube


best facebook status


legal to marry second cousin


irish music blog


greatest status messages



5 thoughts on “Random Post Number 2,401

  1. This should be a meme type thing. Ask people to submit what attracts people to their site. Here are the more popular daily searches:

    batman/ tintin/ akira
    swede movies/ lego movies/ watch movies
    awesome thunderstorms/ volcano/ awesome desktop
    anne hathaway natalie portman, megan fox
    flight of the conchords/ peep show
    louis theroux

    Some of the strangest regular searches:

    1966 batman adam west/ lighted red téléphone batman tv
    how did this get here i am not good with computers (!)
    marky mark and the funky bunch
    lego gay (?)
    om nom nom

    The weirdest search ever: Stewie and Lois sex (eeeeww)

  2. Cheers on all the posts Rick. If I get to even 1% of that I’ll be delighted! Have yourself a celebratory cocktail in GGG-Galway.

  3. i like pedro’s idea of turning this into a meme thing 🙂 i think my top searches are probably china, ed roland collective soul, sneaky sundays, and fake boobs.

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