Retail Scareapy

So I headed over to Chapters bookstore on Parnell Street yesterday as I do most weeks. I had a vague idea of what I was looking for this time for once. I’m really enjoying my collection of Alastair Cooke’s Letters From America from the 1970s so I thought I’d try and scout another decent second hand copy of a different decade.

I should point out here that I love old books more than new. If I can get something from the 40s to the 70s I usually will take it over a new or recent edition of the same book. They have character and history and I like that.

Usually when I head in there I go to see if there are any newly arrived old 60s editions of Fleming Bond books (my current figary) and I scope out the sci-fi for some Harlan Ellison (because he’s almost impossible to find new) before wandering and eventually finishing in the Media/Movies/TV/Biography section.

So, today I was looking for one specific thing. Still, when I arrived I saw there was a big sale on and I’m just a boy who can’t say no…

15 mins later I’m at the till downstairs before I’ve even made it upstairs to the second hand department and I’m handing over 50 quid. 50 quid I don’t have and hadn’t planned on spending.

This happens frequently when it comes to books.

Still, for my troubles I ended up with:





All of which I think I’ll read. After my recent Watchmen experience I also got: 




I’m an old school comic book geek, if a little lapsed, as I’ve said before and I own 4 original first printings of the 4 issues of this. However they’re sealed in plastic bags and cardboard boxes and haven’t seen the light of day in years as I’m hoping they’ll be my retirement fund some day(!)

I finished with a new calendar for a new year:




8 thoughts on “Retail Scareapy

  1. Did you get anything in Dubray on thursday night? Just started White Tiger (booker winner) think I’m going to like it. On the other hand stay from a “crime novel” called Girl with the Dragon Tattoo about 300 pages too long.

  2. I really miss Chapters, haven’t found a similar place in London yet. Yeah there are some second hand bookshops and new shops, but nowhere seems to stand out as having the same range/prices.

  3. Brooklyn Follies is great. About to read Oracle Night myself (just half way through Man in The Dark). Did you see the City of Glass graphic novel? They have it there in Chapters too – quite good!

  4. @Grandad I was only looking in the “Sale” section, you’ll never be in there 😉

    @Kev I didn’t, was just killing time to be honest…

    @Bren I didn’t but I am enjoying clawing my way back into that world…

  5. Oracle Night is amaaazing. Its one thats always stuck with me. Just don’t read it too fast like I did 🙁

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