Rick’s Sticks…


You might remember me mourning the impending demise of my cabinet. It was a bit like my TARDIS (well, the one my dad made from a packing crate in our back yard and I painted blue when I was a kid) and I created a little online shrine to it so much love had been put into its defacement over the years.

It had originally belonged to Simon Young and has, thanks to the efforts of the boss (who’s a regular reader here – evenin’ chief…), now gone to a deserving home with some serious anoraks in our digital media department. Or a farm in the country where it can roam free with other cabinets. Not sure.

One minute it was there…

The next it was gone…

The next again it was replaced by a bland, modern usurper… 🙁

And that’s where you come in. My new cabinet looks like one of these and could do with a bit of pimping. So, if you have a sticker of any kind you’d like to donate, personal, work related, band related or whatever, send it to:

Rick’s Sticks,
Rick O’Shea,
Dublin 4.


2 thoughts on “Rick’s Sticks…

  1. WHAT????NOOOOOOOO!!!! I SENT YOU THE MAJORITY OF THEM STICKERS!!!! AND YOU FCUK IT OUT???? 🙁 🙁 oh…. I feel soooo used 🙁 🙁

    Lette 🙁

  2. ive a really cool “mean people suck” one that i may be able to send but i need to find a post office in queens/manhattan. not as easy as it sounds really. and ive ur really good i may send u my kings of leon one we got at a free instore gig in soho!!!!

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