Rock, Paper, Saddam…

To start today check out the photos taken by one of the show’s listeners and a comment poster here – I love photography even though I have very limited abilities 🙂 Some of them are quite beautiful:


And my favourite waste of time today thanks to TY Radio Amanda is here:


Thanks to the brilliant Donal over at 2FM HQ who has archived a load of the most recent stuff from here on my page on the 2FM site… The likes of the links to Wax Hoff, the My Lovely Horse ringtone, JCB Song video, the offside rule for girls etc. All are here:


Second official famous reader of the blog today… Joining Ollie Cole from Turn on our wall of honour is the legendary Paul Brady 🙂 Got a lovely e-mail from him today after the debate we both spoke at the other night; that he even knew who I was was buzz enough that evening but it turns out he has read here. Had already dug out my favourite of his tracks and will be playing it tonight…

Are you famous? Mail

Saw Corpse Bride today and a teeny bit disappointed… Have been a Tim Burton devotee since I was a kid and while this one is very beautiful and very macabre I wasn’t surprised to see that the Danny Elfman songs aren’t as good as the ones in Nightmare Before Christmas. In fact the whole movie is pretty good but not up to the same standard.. Still better than 95% of the stuff showing this week though – I just have high standards is all.

Got my invite to Harry Potter today; a week on Sunday… Sweet 🙂

Would stay and chat but Jenny, Damo and Penny have pizza!