Russell Brand At The Stadium…

Good night last night. Russell Brand was really good at the National Stadium. Bit scatty at times but very sharp, slightly rude (I did weep at his “you should stop playing with yourself when you see death approaching” routine), obviously incredibly intelligent. Spent the last ten minutes of the gig setting out the criteria for women who wanted to sleep with him after the gig. As you do.

The venue itself (great for comedy weirdly) was jammed to the rafters (I should know – I was sitting in the rafters!) and hotter than the face of the sun. Good night had by all.

Moment of the evening? When he went rambling in the crowd for a while at the beginning with the house lights up and ended up getting us all to do a Mexican Wave. Yes, if course I caught it on dodgy phonecam for the show’s Youtube channel 🙂

EDIT – Forgot that I haven’t linked here to the interview I did with him a couple of weeks ago! He was very, very entertaining to talk to. Have a listen HERE

6 thoughts on “Russell Brand At The Stadium…

  1. I can’t find the radio interview!

    The people on his forum are looking to hear it since they found out.

    Was at the gig also, brilliant!

  2. Hey Sparrow, it’s there when I click on it… Think you need Realplayer… It’s well worth making the effort for – he was a truly great interviewee.

  3. Saw you at the gig Rick. Well, actually heard your voice, recognised it, turned around, stared at you because I thought I knew you and then looked away quickly in embarrassment!

    The Mexican wave was fun, but surely the best moment was the bra s.l.o.w.l.y. descending from the celing on its helium balloon parachute. A beautifully serendipitous moment!

  4. OK now that’s just plain creepy. See I presume because no-one knows what I look like that I’m never recognised at anything ever!

    Hello Lola!


    Shame I didn’t get that bit you were talking about on film too – it was very panto… “It’s behind you!!!”

  5. Ah see, your voice is very distinctive. You’ll have to get one of those Darth Vader vocoders to disguise it if you want to remain anonymous in public! 😀

    That bit was very panto – he was getting all excited and coy cos he thought we wanted him to sing. Still, he was probably happier with the bra.

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