Ruth For Sale!

Back to what we laughingly call normality in this part of the world after last night (although welcome to all of the Metallica fans in the UK who’ve quadrupled the regular traffic on the blog today)

Got a mail from a mate today and it turns out that your friend and mine, Ms Ruth Scott, is selling her wares to the general public 🙂

Ruth is auctioning a date with her on Valentine’s day for charity; you’ve always wanted her undivided attention, haven’t you? Now’s your chance :-)))))))))

Current best bid? €26…. You can do better than that…

Bid on HERE


2 thoughts on “Ruth For Sale!

  1. Rick, have you seen what else in in that catagory?
    Bondage gear, fetish footage and webcam footage of the “let’s get it on” type.

    That and Snow Patrol tickets.

    Be careful Ruth

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