6 thoughts on “Ryanair Vs The Bloggers Pt 332632368

  1. Awh great, you are out to make me cry Mr Rick?

    Don’t remind me that we only get to hear you for brief fleeting moments now.

    Thankfully we still have your wonderful eclectic mind at full volume here! 🙂

    Stupid bloody Ryanair should learn how to count passengers before mouthing off at bloggers! So not giving them a cent of my money from now on (have only flown with them twice anyway)

    Angry Elf!

  2. I’m delighted someone was listening to my snuffles on saturday night about needing more news and current affairs bloggers. Orpees welcome to the club! 😀

  3. I actually wish more companies would follow Ryanair’s method of PR, at least press releases would be more hilarious! I think Michael O Leary wrote all of those replies himself…

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