Screen Dating – The Next Generation

It’s been a long, long time… But it’s back.

We’re filling a screen at movies@dundrum on Thursday the 21st of May with half single guys and half single girls half with single guys and half with single girls (thank you Darragh!) for our next Screen Dating night and, of course, you can come.

We’ll have a brand new movie, some nibbles and drinks and a spot for everyone to hang out in afterwards in a local hostelry – if you want to come all you have to be is over 18, single and mail your details to Diarmuid at


EDIT – We’re on Facebook!!!

3 thoughts on “Screen Dating – The Next Generation

  1. half single, eh? Sounds interesting. Is that like when you’re kind of seeing someone, but there’s no official commitment?

    I’ve just disqualified myself, haven’t I?

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