Show Fizzle…





As usual.

Nonetheless, slow and steady and all… 😉

The blogger piss-up (with a small hip-hop gig attached) went swimmingly, better than the last time in fact. When I arrived three quarters of the gang were there already and it was as if they knew each other already. As if they’re been reading about each other… somewhere.

Anyhew. My brain isn’t working tonight so I’ll keep it brief – I agree with the others, he was average at best, not a patch on Jay-Z’s show and we were glad to bail back early to the pub.

The old hands know they’re all lovely but the new friends were delighful to meet one and all. Green Ink really does look like himself and will be in my heart forever for making me pants :-), the Bluebirds girls were more like lovely little hummingbirds (and made Darragh and I in particular feel about 100 years old) and Green Of Eye and Anneelicious have their pictorial anonymity maintained here despite their being at the centre of most of the best chats of the evening…





Sadly, the best likeness of me ever. On pants.



Done by the still anonymous Green Ink



Best bling of the evening was definitely Ailbe’s



“I believe I asked for a large pint….”



The grim reaper, come for Snoop’s live music career…



I had a nosering when I was Katie’s age too. I am SO old…



Just where is Darren’s left hand?



“All hail the 9 shining orbs!!!!!”



Does my beard go down that far?



Can I please have my grant, please…..?” 😉



It’s given me an idea for the next big blogger get together…

But this time we might have to take it out of Dublin.

14 thoughts on “Show Fizzle…

  1. Well so long as its Amsterdam that’s fine…. 😛

    Those are one hella sexy personalised pants, amazingly talented Greenofeye!!

    Its not everyone that gets to have a snoop on their crotch!

  2. genuinely freaked i missed this. Good time had by all it sounds! I hear The Kelly Family are playing in Dubai before christmas, i hope thats what you’re suggesting!

  3. come to vancouver! we have large spaces – decent beers (none of that american pisswater) and lovely sunshine when its not raining.

    i cant believe how many people are in that one shot!!! thats crazy.

  4. @elf it’s green ink that did the masterful pants not i.

    Hehe or i could take credit for all your hard work green ink *cue evil cackle*

    Outside Dublin you say?Interesting concept 😛

    @Donna-i’ll be moving to Vancouver in a while and keep hearing about this thing called sunshine?Can’t wait to see what it’s like!

  5. @ Raptureponies Well apart from all of the people wailing on my shoulder because you weren’t there of course…

    @ All, it might not be a gig…

    @ Green Of Eye Ink What confusion???

  6. We may well yoink that photo of us. Thanks for putting up with our buzzing about the place. Next time, we’ll make sure we have no coke or sweets before coming out. x

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