Sick As A Small Hospital

Here’s a question.

Is this just a me thing or is it connected to certain industries or what?

I’m sitting at my desk this morning when I woke up burning up, with achy breaky joints, manky head on me and shaking. Now most normal people would take this as a sign. A sign from their body to shut up, get back into bed under the covers and take a sick day.

Me? Not a bit of me. Lashed into the Solpadeine and Strepsils, some toast and hit the bus at 7.15 as usual. Now, to be fair, there’s some work to be done on our New Year’s Eve best of the year special (2 to 5 – it’ll be well worth the listen, far more than usual, I’ll let you know what’s coming up in it later) and it’s two days overdue. Tonight we’re heading out for our show Christmas dinner.

This wouldn’t have been the first time this sort of nonsense would have happened. I don’t do duvet days and weirdly there are a lot of people in this business who drag themselves in even if their heads are hanging off. Fear that your job won’t be there when you come back? Possibly. But I wonder does it operate the same elsewhere….?

Anyway. A Twirl bar down and I’m feeling much better. Feed a…… cold? Flu? Whatever…..

3 thoughts on “Sick As A Small Hospital

  1. You’re all great. “normal people” get on with life too.

    Media types – get over yourselves but listen to yourselves. the love in starts here.


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