Sinister Every Last One Of Them…

For my mate Blots, my three kids, Lorraine who works on the show at the moment, 4 or the last 5 US presidents and the 2 current presidential candidates, as well as Brian Cowan and Bertie Ahern…

Anyone know where she can get a left handed camera?


9 thoughts on “Sinister Every Last One Of Them…

  1. As a leftie I am happy for this occasion…but I never understand these things…what, apart from saying is left handed day, does the day entail?

    I think all you righties should try everything left handed for the day, see the world as a leftie, where everything is designed for you lot by default. It’s the reason I sucked at all the things I tried and sucked at – guitar, golf, ehhhh….hurling? 😀

  2. I was a leftie for the first 5 years of my life. Then I broke my left arm reeeeeally badly and had to learn to write with my right hand. I’m not ambidextrous now though, which would have been cool.

  3. All three of your kids are lefties?

    Surely there must be some freaky statistic associated with this… I’m the only leftie out of four kids!

  4. Catherine, all true. My ex was lefthanded before the nuns beat it our of her 🙂

    Ryan, you manage to take those photos as a leftie? Jaysus *goes off to be even more depressed*

  5. my husband is a leftie, as are two of his three kids. he has no problem with a camera, but nail clippers and scissors are the bane of his existence – as are hand saws, skil saws and ratchets.

  6. Ah Rick.. being a leftie makes me more creative and artistic and whatnot surely? 😀

    Agree with the saws & scissors thing though. My kingdom for a pair of left handed scissors. And maybe a left handed can opener. What a pain in the ass.

  7. I’d also like to add Barack Obama, John McCain, Bill Clinton and – oddly – 58% of my economics class (we looked into it one day) to this list…

    And what a list.

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