Slowest. News. Day. Ever.

It must be a really, really slow day on the Hot Press message boards….

*link removed*


EDIT – Took the link down as some pretty nasty stuff ended up being said… Not about me but about a friend, as is almost always the case with anonymous usernames. There are lots of other lovely places on the web you can visit instead 🙂

EDIT – Posted my own two cents worth about it all with my long forgotten Hot Press account! Hello if you came here to check and see if this was me…

4 thoughts on “Slowest. News. Day. Ever.

  1. Er, is Rick O’Shea not your real name? I had this conversation just the other night with my boyfriend when I was telling him about the Blog Awards!

    I ate the face off him, told him of course it was your real name and to stop annoying me! I’m only getting the whole ‘ricochet” thing now……d’oh.

    I’m blonde.

  2. Cleary…these people had nothing better to do. I’d like to see them tackle radio broadcasting. – lol

  3. i spend time doing nothing on the hotpress messageboard AND i tackle radio broadcasting.

    rick, you’re great. sorry some people said some stuff about your friend. i know how that feels. the public gets the sense that on-air personalities are ‘property’ instead of people. constantly someone says, “i HATE (insert name of co-worker).” but co-worker is as sweet as can be….it gets personal at times.

    cheers, you’re the best.


  4. Amy that’s what happens when you’re in the public eye. It’s impossible to please all the people all of the time. Live with it, or be a carpenter or a plumber or something.

    That’s Life!

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