Society for the Turn-Off in Public Places…

It’s a new movement I’m starting. Here’s the ethos:

Public places don’t need tv.

I once ranted about it HERE a lifetime ago and that inspired these guys to set THIS up (maybe it’s time for a revival?)

I’ve been inspired by my local bank and my local Centra. Both feel the need to have Sky News on every moment they’re open. Thus while I’m queueing to pay a bill or buy a french stick I can always know the extent of the latest policy changes Gordon Brown won’t be making when he becomes Prime Minister. Or how those abandoned ducklings are doing in Kidderminster. You get the idea.

I know I’m one step away from being Grandpa Simpson writing letters to the president telling him there are too many states nowadays, but you get my drift, don’t you?

And it’s not as if I don’t know why – it’s the 9/11 fear. The fear that a generation changing day like that is going to happen and we’re going to miss a single second of it. So, just in case, 6 years later, the telly is on all the time. Just in case mind.

But does 24 hour a day news tv have to be everywhere? It’s only one step away from a screen in every shop (there’s already many in every home!) Hear that whirring sound? That’s Orwell spinning in his grave…
God be that any of us should talk to each other while we’re in the queue for cash or chewing gum! 😉
The madness has gone too far.


Before it’s too late….


(This message has been brought to you by a cranky sleep-deprived fecker under the influence of a glass of red wine. Lightweight.)

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