12 thoughts on “Spinning Naked Girl

  1. Brilliant! I use the right side of my brian more – I wonder if it’s because I read the descriptions first and liked the ones for the right side better…

  2. She’s only spinning clockwise for me. Tried doing maths in my head to see if it would turn the other way, but that lady surely “isn’t for turning” (where have I heard that before? – click, whirr )

  3. The left side of my brian hurts. Not sure Alan. Try looking at her for a while and we think she jumps from clock to anti-

    It can’t be a scam, can it?

  4. Rick it’s a scam!! She was going anticlockwise at first and then I scrolled up to read the text and she went clockwise. Now no matter how much I scroll or look away and back again, she stays clockwise. And I’ve looked properly, there’s no way my eyes are tricking me or that it’s to do with light or angles.

  5. It’s not a scam. I’ve managed to get her going the opposite way. My trick is to just concentrate on her hair, where it’s tied back, and imagine her going the opposite way to the way she’s going. Really works.

  6. Its fixed…. everyone sees clockwise motion right?….right??? is there something wrong with me?? huh??? what did you say??? who are you looking at???

    Crap….it provokes paranoya!!….

  7. Oh my God!! That’s mad!! I saw it on Sky news & I saw it anti-clockwise!! Checked it here….clockwise! Tried to see it anti-clockwise & eventually i saw it anti-clockwise & then back again!! My head’s going to explode!!

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