Got some Bebo comments yesterday from

SPUCOFEPWIG – the Society for the Prevention of Unprovoked Cruelty towards Outcasts, Freaks, Emos, Punks, Weirdos, Intellectuals and Goths.

You’ve gotta love em. Or at least tolerate anyone who asks

…all like minded individuals to join our society, in the struggle against ‘The Man’.

The man! I knew he was behind all this! Bastard…

As for their music?

Music is personal, and differs from person to person. We may not agree but we will accept all. (We have to say that-but really, none of that dance and hip hop shit)

Harsh but fair I think. Who are they?

We are the founding members of SPUCOFEPWIG. We have chosen to remain anonymous so as to strike fear into the hearts of conformists. We are Angel I, Madame F, Lady O, Mistress P and two currently nameless founders.

Ah… Remember when you were this young and idealistic? And had this much time to kill….? Send them your love HERE