Stalking Niall Quinn

Forgot to talk about the weekend. Liverpool Vs Sunderland.

I’ll keep it blissfully brief for those not interested in sport. Over to Manchester on Ryanair, train straight from the airport to the centre of Liverpool (so convenient!!), cab up to Anfield. More than enough time to get into the club shop (and we did – an official Liverpool/Havant & Waterlooville FA Cup 4th Round scarf for £1!), have a hot dog and head into the ground. 


Dodgy first half (what on earth is Lucas doing?!?!? Gerrard off form, Carragher looking uncomfortable out of place) then it all kicks in late on (Crouch starts to work well with Torres, scores, sets one up, gets a standing ovation as he’s taken off, Torres sparkles, Mascherano gets into it, Hyypia knocks everything his way back where it came from) and three goals later we’re off home happy.

Did have slight issues finding a taxi to get to Liverpool airport (an hour’s walking with a 9 year old in a random direction in a city I don’t know…) but eventually we made it there. And then the most surreal moment of the day.

On a flight which was, I’d estimate 95% Liverpool supporters? Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn. Some good natured ribbing ensued followed by a flood of people looking for his autograph and to have photos taken with him.

Here’s the interesting thing. I work in the media. Some people know who I am. I talk to famous people all the time. But could I go up to him? Not a bit of me. Even though he went to my school and I’ve always wanted to meet him? Nope. There was a greater chance of me growing a second head (which, admittedly might have gotten his attention).

Best I could do?

Take this.


Saddo, I know.

6 thoughts on “Stalking Niall Quinn

  1. awww, that’s actually really lovely. I know I sound a bit patronising there, but i don’t mean to. I just think it’s nice that you were shy 🙂

  2. i love hearing about people who are in the business, who still have that spark, that magic when they meet someone they admire and respect, and still get the butterfly in the stomach thrill. love it.

  3. Floyd – yes.

    Niall – the day I am more famous than Niall Quinn you have my permission to come up to me in the street and slap me with a wet fish.

    Matt – Hands up who hasn’t been….? 😉

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