Standing With The Stars

I’ve never experienced anything like it. Genuinely.

Went to Beyonce on Saturday night and we ended up standing in what they call the “Diva” area – essentially 50 people get to watch the show from 2 small areas on stage.

I’ll readily admit to not being the most excited person before I went, but the nature of the huge stage show she puts on, talent of her band (backing singers, keyboard player, horn section), sheer scale of the gig (she flies over the crowd in a 100ft gold dress at one point) and getting to watch it in a way I’ve never gotten to watch a gig before was totally unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.








The other 14,450 in the audience also seemed suitably blown away as well.

Also, that is *not* my hand…

6 thoughts on “Standing With The Stars

  1. Thhat would imply GofE that I paid much attention to her before.

    Looking at my shots there is a bit of forced perspecctive at work because I’m standing below shooting up, I think. She didn’t seem excessively thin in the flesh, quite curvy actually…

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