Stop. Hollier Time.

I’m off the radio til September first and that pretty much means here too. Time to give the head a rest for a while, catch up on my reading, see some movies, spend proper time with my kids, go to Prague (no, seriously).

Of course I’m a big, fat liar and there’ll be the odd bit and piece but if not I’ll see yiz all in 2 weeks…

To finish? The Cliff-meister‘s discovery of the day.

Just what in the sweet name of Christ has happened to former England manage Steve McLaren?

He’s gone native…

10 thoughts on “Stop. Hollier Time.

  1. “take some rest, these borders are well protected” and if you read one specific really thick cool book, you’ll read that very line šŸ™‚

  2. Rick, Prague is a fantastic city. If you’re going for long I’d recommend a day trip to Kutna Hora – it’s a town maybe an hour or so by train outsid Prague. While there isn’t a whole lot there, there is a chapel called the Sedlec Ossuary which is decorated with approximately 50,000 human skeletons, arranged into chandeliers, family crests and pyramids. It’s the most Indiana Jones-esque place I’ve ever seen.

  3. Hey Rick Enjoy the break dude….Glad u enjoyed the”Steve Van Klaren” clip. Love the way the holliers coincide wit the start of the footie season…NICE” Rick Dude i hope u use the free time to get your Connect4 “Game”Sorted….Its sooooo back…We play seriously competitive “C4” in our Gaff. Check Jonah Hill(The Guy from Superbad) play Kanye West….Thk i defo thk i wud take Kanye down a peg or two….

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