Swap Your Girlfriend For A Gadget?

We’re doing something on this tonight – you really have to have a look and don’t forget to click on page 2 of the comments as well 🙂



PS Your chance to go to the London premiere of Blood Diamond, have a go at our Rocky competition and we’re interviewing Ben Folds before his Irish gig this weekend and John Maguire from “I’m An Adult Get Me Out Of Here” tonight too!

One thought on “Swap Your Girlfriend For A Gadget?

  1. Hi, tis me again. Apologies if I came across a bit brazen the other day with my slight rant at you. Of course it’s not up to you to decide when you’re on the radio. And of course DJs and other such radio sorts have a life and a family beyond their careers too, just like teachers, doctors, shop assistants, etc. I overreacted when I saw that everything was changing around again and perhaps shot or more like riddled the messenger with bullets. And you have been so kind as to make it all crystal clear to anyone who is wondering what is happening. I suppose I just assumed my humble whines wouldn’t be noticed and highlighted the main points to make them stand out. Anyway good luck with the new show and the Blog Awards and I hope to hear you again during the holidays.

    P.S. As you know the Blizzards quite well, could you ask them why they’re not returning to Letterkenny for their Irish tour if you happen to bump into them again? I spoke to them the last time they came and Niall said they were coming back to play in the town soon. Maybe there was a slight geographical mix-up and he meant Culdaff…

    P.P.S. Could you maybe play some music from Travega? “The People” or something. I never seem to hear them on the radio which is odd…

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