One A Scale Of “One To Ulysses”…

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I don’t normally write actual reviews of books I’m reading here, primarily because I’m not a book reviewer (there are exceptions!) but every now and then you come across something that you feel the need to press into the hands of others. Firstly, I’d like to say that I made it in just under the bandwagonwire – I started reading Kevin Barry’s City Of Bohane a couple of weeks before it recently won the IMPAC 🙂 After that I’m not really quite sure what to tell you about it as I feel with this book in particular it’s best not to know […]

My BGE Book Club Review!

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(Originally from the Bord Gais Energy Book Club website) First impressions are crucial for me when it comes to a new book, particularly one I stumble across in a bookstore. The most important ones are usually (in some sort of order) cover, title, author, blurb on the back and first page. I’ll be honest; when I got Janet Cameron’s Cinnamon Toast And The End Of The World in the post from the BGE Book Club I had 2 immediate thoughts, for better or worse. The cover made me think it was that most maligned of genres, particularly by male readers […]