*tumbleweed rolls across the blogosphere*

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Jaysus. What the frick is going on? Orpees has disappeared Shane has bit the dust Even Una is talking about fecking off!!! Am I the only disaffected loner with bags of time on his hands and the desperate need for the love of total strangers┬áto keep the blogosphere afloat? ­čÖü Seriously lads, no more trying to give up. We will pull you back in… Oh, and Happy Blogday Pedro! One who took my threats seriously when he tried to leave a while back… EDIT – Jeepers H Crackers Lexi is gone too… What is it – some form of virus?!?!?!?

The Most Hated Family In America

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HUGE reaction to the Heath Ledger funeral post below. So much so maybe you’d like to get a look at the Westboro Baptist Church? Anyone know where you might get a full version on the web? EDIT – As the legendary Pedro says in his comment he has all of Louis’ Weird Weekends, including the one above,┬áhere: http://monscooch.wordpress.com/2008/01/07/louis-theroux-the-mega-post/ Thanks dude ­čÖé

I Have A Rendez-Vous With Death…

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Sad, obviously. And the subject of much viral text messaging in the pub last night. ‘Heath Ledger recently said he felt good about dying, now that he was a parent, because he was alive in his daughter, Matilda.But at the same time, the Australian actor, who died in New York today, said he wanted to be around for the rest of the two-year-old’s life. Asked about being a parent he said: “I guess you’re forced into kind of respecting yourself more, you learn more about yourself through your child, I guess,” he told WJW FOX in Cleveland, Ohio. “You also […]