I Have A Rendez-Vous With Death…

Sad, obviously. And the subject of much viral text messaging in the pub last night.

‘Heath Ledger recently said he felt good about dying, now that he was a parent, because he was alive in his daughter, Matilda.But at the same time, the Australian actor, who died in New York today, said he wanted to be around for the rest of the two-year-old’s life.

Asked about being a parent he said: “I guess you’re forced into kind of respecting yourself more, you learn more about yourself through your child, I guess,” he told WJW FOX in Cleveland, Ohio.

“You also look at death differently.

“It’s like a catch 22. I feel good about dying now because I feel like I’m alive in her.

“But at the same time, you don’t want to die because you want to be around for the rest of her life.”

One thought on “I Have A Rendez-Vous With Death…

  1. The first thing I wondered when I watched that clip:- “Why did he have to push up all those sliders on the mixer if he was just using a radio mic?…”

    Good scene that, though – nice choice of clip. It’s sad about him dying alright – he was indeed a fine actor.

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