*tap tap* Is This Thing On?


Here’s the thing.

I used to love blogging, I really did, and now I’m not sure how to do it or if I should be doing it at all.

There are factors at play certainly. As discussed with a group of people on Twitter the other day. One is Twitter itself. It’s a hundred times easier to cut and paste or RT something you think is interesting than have to open here, write…….zzzzzzzzzzzz. See? I’m bored with that process and an increasingly short attention span already.

See this (via @davidmaybury)


Another one is just that I’m out doing things in the real world. One of the truly great joys of blogging has been meeting real people that I’ve come to like and love and part of that process is going out in the real world with them and doing things… I’m reading a lot, I’m writing a lot.

I’m going to try and make a greater effort, this place has been such an important part of my life for the last few years, I am loathe to give it up so easily.

6 thoughts on “*tap tap* Is This Thing On?

  1. Hurray, welcome back 🙂 But I empathise. It’s harder to sit and write blogposts than Twitter and my attention span has also –


    Oh, sorry.

    Em… yes that was it – it’s still worth it. Having someone drop a comment and clicking the “POST NOW” button after you’ve spent a good deal of time writing, editing, linking, finding suitable pix…it’s really quite rewarding.

    So thanks for all the fish and keep up both please!!!

  2. I thought it was just me! Confounded facebook/youtube/buzzfeed – they’re just so damn distracting. Then again it might be something as simple as planetary alignment? I hope so.

  3. It’s certainly harder to maintain a blog than to stick your head into Twitter a few ties a day (or a week like me) but with Twitter it’s all a little bland.

    You don’t really get a sense of who someone is or what they are really interested in. You get a 140 character snap shot that is all too forgettable.

    Of course people do have short attention spans, we live in an instant world and Twitter is the definition of that. But I think I will always prefer the blog – too many people all chirping away at once about what they had for breakfast or how their cat is doing *the cutest thing* just doesn’t tickle me in the same way.

  4. Hey Rick, you may remember me from such… and so on and so forth. I’m 100% behind what Lottie’s saying. I just can’t get into Twitter at all, and I figure I’m long enough at it now that it will never truly take. Not sure what the point is but I think you’re too good a writer to leave yourself limited to 140 characters all the time.

    Also, love the black and white photography from further down the page. Hadn’t checked in for a while.

  5. I felt the same way too a couple of years ago and gave up the oul blogging. Just couldn’t be arsed anymore to be honest! Got a bit bored with the whole thing and just decided to go out and live my life instead of blogging about it. Haven’t embraced Twitter but I do like updating my Facebook status and dipping in and out of people’s pages, just so much easier! Like everything I think if you overdose on something you get sick of it. Take food for example, even if you really love something (chicken balls and curry sauce say!) if you eat it every single day you’ll eventually go off it. Same with blogging – if you’re writing, reading, blogging, posting, surfing every single day it makes sense, to me anyway, that you’ll eventually get tired of it. Not permanently – I mean come on, it’s chicken balls – but sometimes a change is as good as a rest. Or is a rest as good as a change?

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