TATQ – Day 2…

Day 2 of TATQ for Breda and she has an update…

Hey hey!

I realise that I’ve rambled on quite a bit so trust that no offence will be taken if you decide against using it 🙂

Bhuel féach ar seo, tá lá eile thart!

Tha end of day two and all is rosy…well for the most part anyway. I think a valid point that we may all have neglected to consider at the beginning of this social experiment is the transference of our addictive energy to other areas of our lives- My new vice?- the internet! Which is evident from the fact that it is 2am and i am online documenting the trials and tribulations of a week without texting instead of sleeping like normal people.

This worries me because sleeping is of course one of my favourite pastimes! this also makes me wonder whether my addiction might be more to communication/ rambling/ talking nonsense and is it possible that text is simply a useful medium for this?… So far i’ve been doing well but I’ve been at work with people constantly asking how it’s going for me. I wonder then, if it might be a different story tomorrow when i am off work and do not have these constant reminders of ‘the ban’.

As far as the impact on my relationship with friends goes, Rick, you will be glad to hear that thus far I’m easily maintaining communications through calling (well, until my call credit runs out) and meeting up face to face! I’d have to say that calling has actually proven a lot easier at times as it is much more to the point and involves a lot less aimless chit chat.

For example, you all know when you are texting a friend asking for a favour certain formalities must be observed; you must first enquire about their well being, how their weekend went for them, if they have any ‘news’ etc before finally getting to point! (This of course is all before you even take into consideration the delay betweeen replys) That of course is only one point for calling agianst our beloved text because on the other hand when I missed the first ten minutes of my favourite tv programme last night I was gutted not to be able to send a text to a friend for a quick catch-up on the plot!

Fortunately i managed to work it out on my own in the end. Finally, for anyone who may have missed it, there was an article about ‘the ban’ in the Evening Herald today in which the journalist used the craziest quote possible. It was in relation to an incident where a friend threatened death by a spoon if I didnt stop texting but! in my defence my phone was repeatedly sending the same messages without my say so!! I swear!! so I place full blame for that on Vodafone!!

I realise also, that this message is about twice the length of yesterdays so if that has anything to do with withrawal symptons, you can probably be expecting a novel by the time Friday rolls around! 🙂

And with that I think I may have transferred enough of my compulsive texting energy to rambling e-mail energy.

Until next time, it’s been good,