Teeny Tiny Billy Boat Liffey Fun

Strange night last night…

Teeny tiny Billy Connolly (never seen him before, he was as good as I’d hoped he’d be… Am determined to have a pint with him before I die)



Boat. Liffey. Fun. Not three words you’d necessarily put together. Nice to see that stereotype put to rest. Even if I felt hideously sorry for David Kitt who was DJing to a mostly empty room as everyone was on the deck in the unseemingly mild weather.



I’m sure Una will blog it properly, or at least what she can remember of it 😉

From her Facebook status at 2am, Tanya I’m not so sure about…

Tanya is dancing her hole off in ri ra and will sure as shit regret it in the morning…though peaches is on right now 😉

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