Text And The Quitty – Final Day…

And now, the end is near…..

The finishing line is in sight!

It’s got to be said that I am quietly confident at this point that I can see this through but lets not get too complacent! What have I learned from it up until now? Well surprisingly enough I’ve realised that I send far too many meaningless texts- I know, what a shock!

I’m not sure how the others have been getting on but today I kind of managed to forget about texting, for the most part anyway. Obviously there were still times when I’ve thought of things that I should text people about but my attitude has taken a sort of u-turn, now I think; if its important I’ll ring them later and if not I’ll forget it in a few minutes anyway!

I don’t think think that I will give up texting altogether at all (I’m not that crazy!) but I can already see that I will probably not go back to sending as many messages as before. I’ve also come to the realisation that despite the fact that people might think it’s mad that I’ve written quite long blogs, the truth of the matter is that that is where my ‘text energy’ has gone. All of the desire within me to communicate has been put into the emails that I send you!

I’ve seen this since it’s usually at night that I’ll text friends for the good old prolonged ‘how’re things?’ chat but now I call them and then I happily sit down to pour my thoughts into a new medium, which I must say has proven far more productive! Maybe what we need are some journals instead of more text bundles…

I’m not suggesting that this is the case for everyone but it’s relevant in my case because my friends often prefer not to text favouring the old fashioned communication method of calling or even meeting face to face! One more day and we will have succeeded! The only question left is; who will get our first official texts when we’re back in the game??

Who is deserving?

It’s been good,



Heya Rick,

I hope all is well with you! The last day now. Nearly there, nearly there! I tell ya yesterday was the hardest day by far, simply because it was my birthday and I had lots of happy birthday texts and couldn’t reply. To make matters worse my battery died yesterday when I was up in Galway so I couldn’t call anyone either. They must think I’m the worst in the world!

It’s been a very interesting week to say the least. I’m not going to give up texting altogether but I will definitely be cutting back and not sending silly messages like “ok”. I can’t wait to see what my bill will be like next month. Who knows, it might even be in double figures.

Imagine that!

Thanks again for getting me involved in this.