The 12 Pubs Of Craftmas

Amongst the many thing I’ve never done as an adult (been on a stag weekend, learned how to swim, watched Fair City) I’ve also never taken part in the now ubiquitous 12 Pubs Of Christmas. Possibly because no-one has ever asked me, mainly because I’d never survive one. I am, as I’ve said many, many times here before, a lightweight.

But then a conversation developed between my o/h and me when out a few weeks ago. We should pick a weekend day at some stage in December and try the 12 Pubs Of Craftmas…

Our rules are simple enough:

(1) One glass of finest craft beer in each pub.

(2) Plenty of food along the way.

(3) You can’t have the same beer twice.

(4) We both hates rules.

I’m only providing the map in case you fancy trying your own; we won’t be in a huge group, just the two of us. Just maybe if you see us at some stage along the way one day between now at December 24th maybe you’d remind us of where the next stop is…


EDIT – Seems The Norseman has stopped stocking craft beers since the last time I was in there but I’m damned if I’m taking another hour to redo this bloody picture! That means one open slot remains…


3 thoughts on “The 12 Pubs Of Craftmas

  1. Drop in to Darkey Kellys beside Christchurch.We have 12 Irish craft beers on tap and there’s always at least one of them on special.Have a good one

  2. The Norseman does still have O’Hara’s beers so isn’t a complete write-off, though is nowhere near as great as it once was. Good possible substitutes include Cassidy’s on Westmoreland Street or Bowe’s on Fleet Street.

  3. You could stop at The Hill Pub in Ranelagh, 1 minute from the Luas line, 24 taps of Draught over 60 cans & bottles with a heavy emphasis on Irish quality craft beer.(as I write this there are 18 Irish beers on) Now I’m totally biased but the Burger is exceptionally good.

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