The Adventure Game…

Best, cheapest, most surreal and my favourite TV gameshow ever.

Bar none.

I can’t believe someone else remembers it!!!

4 thoughts on “The Adventure Game…

  1. I remember it… is was the Celebrity Weakest Link of it’s day.

    The problem I think was “the Mole”. Unless they manager to get a new mole every year, it was obvious.

    I loved the “blind” crossing the grid level. Actually suspensful

  2. C-H, harsh but probably true. If you count Professor Heinz Wolff and David Icke as celebrities… And we did.

  3. WOW that opening music really brought back childhood memories to me.

    I have to say the vortex level in series 3 or 4 was always the highlight of the show for me, well that and the K9 reject that also had running about the place and how could we forget the guy who spoke backwards fluently, ah the memories.

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