7 thoughts on “The Bebo Virus…

  1. Does anyone still use Bebo for its original purpose, instead of just keeping their account there for their friends who are too lazy to get up and move to Facebook or some other alternative?

  2. If anyone could let me know how to get rid of the virus then it would be much appreciated!
    Does anyone know what the virus is going to do to my computer?

  3. I downloaded Avast Home Edition anti-virus and found this helpful – 3 viruses were detected on my laptop after opening one of those dodgy emails!

    The first thing you need to do is download a good antivirus application. The good news is you don’t necesarily have to pay for one. Avast! Home Edition antivirus is a very good antivirus and is available free for non commercial users from their website. Just google it. Also, AVG antivirus is another well respected free antivirus.

    Once you’ve installed any antivirus application will normally ask you to restart your computer and it will schedule a boot time scan of your system. Hopefully this will get rid of it for you.

    It would be useful also for you to contact your friends on Bebo and warn them that they might have received a private mail from yourself with a link to the same site, as the virus hijacks your address book in Bebo, this should help stop it spreading to all of the people you know who use Bebo.

    Good luck guys

  4. Beware! me and my friend have both learnt a lesson. make sure u dont click on these. its comming up on our AVG as the trojan horse.

    —–BEWARE—— and dont click. could you also help and tell me what it could do to my computer. im really scared. And also i strongly reccommend that u get all of your important stuff on ur computer on to cd’s or memory sticks. u can transfer these to another computer if you have two!
    please be careful! dont get fouled!

  5. i got it on myne and downloaded AVG and did the scan thought everything was peachy but now i cant even log on to my computer it just freezes!!!

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