5 thoughts on “The Chosen 007ne

  1. I prefer Joe Cornish’s version (you posted it here a while ago) – “He’s got Jug Ears and great big Man Tits… M is FURIOUS with him… the Quatas of Solemn…”

  2. Is that the full version of the song? It’s just that the first time I heard it there was a very odd instrumental piece at the end.

    At first I wasn’t mad about the song, but after a couple of listens it does grow on you. As recent Bond themes go it is actually pretty good.

  3. Once it gets going it’s quite good. I’d say it’ll work better in context, ie, cut to the images/titles. Plus in cinema it’ll have a better mix etc. Has potential. Better than anything Amy HouseWine would have conjured up anyway.

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