The day that never ends….

Yes, I know I’m a whinging gobshite but this is the only spare 10 minutes I have today to post up something new…

In at 5.30 this morning, show, brekkie (well actually lunch for us), couple of hours of mail answering, playlisting and sundry show stuff, off into town for a movie (more about that below) and then strainght out here to record some stuff for the show and then on to ID on RTE 2 at 6 this evening (yeah, I’ll let you know how I get on – always wanted to be on just before the Simpsons) then home by half 8 if I’m lucky…. I know, the world’s smallest violin is playing just for me…

The movie was interesting – arrived too late for Garden State and ended up taking the recommendation of our BA David and checking out the new German movie The Edukators. Bit “Y Tu Mama Tambien” and in the middle I started to drop off (happens a lot these days) but it gets quite interesting then and takes a few interesting turns…

Actually the number of strange looks I’m getting from people as I’m still sitting at my desk here at 4.30 are quite unnerving.

Am really annoyed actually as I got asked to go on the Fanning show (always one of my favourite pastimes over the last couple of years) on Friday to talk about, of all things, Father Ted! Had to say no as 14 hour days today, tomorrow and Friday might not have been great for my wellbeing… Really love doing stuff like that… Arse.

Off now to be made up for the telly!


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