The Day Twenty Saved The Show

After Twenty’s genius idea I *ahem again* paid homage by asking our headcase listeners to do likewise. Change one letter in the name of a famous person and come up with something better…

Paifully clever yiz all are…

Harvey forman, sofa wit built in cooker.

Angelina holie…famous actress/nun…

Father Fed .the fat priest. From johnny in Kilkenny

Nosh spice. Up market cafe owner. Sue from clare

Britney shears need i explain, Grainne Kildare

Tom Bones. Horny Welsh Crooner! Claire 4m Cavan.

George looney.. Actor who unfortunatly lost the plot…. John. Tallaght

Rock oshea dj & 60’s showband singer

Ross hemp actor presenter/ drug baron ha ha Robert

Mick dagger. Serial killing rock star.

Dick o shea male gigalo

Angelia Polie a well know actress moonlighting as an exotic dancer

Orlando broom actor/janitor

Nicholas  rage !! Actor with short fuse and bad temper

Nick lesson… Rogue trader who has learnt his lesson. Gerry in Kilkenny

Late bush ex singer drowning sorrows ‘ doesnt quite make it home

David Feckham hes a footballing male pornstar. Paddy in artane

Mary Barney, a larger than life Minister for Childrens TV

Barti Ahern: says “eat my shorts” to irish public when asked about his finances

Dick sprung…another flat politician…jim / mayo

Tom bruise useless  action hero,  brian in galway

Cheryl dole  pop star and part time social services worker.   From   noel carr Drogheda

CARL SLAIN comedian who kills u with his jokes. Scott from lucan

Shirley Massey. Welsh singer with penchant 4 small red tractors. Claire 4m Cavan

Daniel tea lewis. won an oscar for all ireland tea drinkin champion. graham in the crane in ARKLOW

I know ya cant use dis 1 but…  Dicky cock, irelands first international singin porn star..!

Bung crosby   50s  crooner turned corrupt politician  from john Murphy

Hillary skank- not the best looking actress in hollywood.

Nicholas Page. A librarian attendant or Candy Crawford a sweet shop owner. From Nicholas Butterly in Louth.

kevin spacer. tge famous movie star whos fame leads 2 a nervous breakdown. from david smyth

George hush us president who should b placed in a library martin bandon

Rick what about larry hogan  part time Dj and wrestler . Disco stu tallaght .

George Vest: famous underwear manufacturer

Dolly Parlon. Big Boobed Politician who loves Country Music. John Doran in Kildare

Jack the kipper. Half Man half fish. From ryan.

Chris fartin (martin)

gwyneth paltrow gave chris d boot when she got wind of his flatuence problem.

Samantha rumba. Singer who dances on ice. Liz barrett in traffic on dublin quays

Sigourney beaver. Kills aliens and builds dams. Orla Dublin

Hustle crow .actor / pool shark , only rips off birds

Tom wanks –  self explanatory

Hosanna davidson, sexy supermodel nun

Shag given -shay given-  male prostitute

Davit beckham..the only gay in the villaaaage!

Gel gibson slick actor#

George Mush- a US president with a soggy brain.- Ed in Westmeath

Ted Fundy. He’ll kill you with the craic.


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