The Dundrum drinking game…

Sitting in the back garden yesterday with a few friends, the kids playing off by themselves as the Sun is prone to make them do, and retail therapy came into conversation. One of our number is precieved as spending quite a lot of her time in the Dundrum Town Centre – the Mecca of the retail obsessed in the Celtic Tiger.

Out of all this (as tends to happen with a bottle or two of wine open) came the Dundrum drinking game.

It works like this:

Any time anyone mentioned Dundrum – one gulp

Anytime she mentioned Dundrum – two gulps

Actually, that’s about as far as it went. You’d be surprised the number of ways you can spuriously work that word into random conversation though.


*we here at the blog do not, of course, condone drinking, drinking games, buying things, capitalism or the suburb of Dundrum in general.

2 thoughts on “The Dundrum drinking game…

  1. You should amend that to be certain shops, like two gulps for Marks and Spencer, a gulp for Penneys, a gulp for H&M….

    All drink when they say House of Fraser.

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