The €20 Chocolate Bar…

Mad Ted… About double the average traffic for the blog yesterday including our first Aussie and Kiwi surfers!

Out for a walk this morning to get the paper when I stumbled on my mate Jim Jim at the bottom of the road (he’s the one on the right!) – we share a passion for Bill Hicks (I did eventually give the cds back) and blogging… He was busy so I waved and moved on… 🙂

Finally made the trip to the much heralded Harvey Nicks store in the wonderful Dundrum Shopping Centre today. From the off I should be straight up and say that I’m really not a Brown Thomas, House Of Fraser, Harvey Nicks kind of guy (I see them as places to go to observe the wildlife and have a laugh) but curiosity gets the better of you 🙂

Really wanted to see the legendary food hall which is actually a bit more like a food room – found a few items I wanted to share:

A can of coke for €2…

A bar of chocolate for nearly €20

And my only purchase of the day – Marmite biccies for €3.50.

Will be trying them out tonight for the first time on the show… Think they deserve a bit off a drum roll.


PS We’ll have five minutes with Franz Ferdinand live from San Francisco on the show tomorrow night.