The EuroEuro! Or Is It Eurosquared?

A friend mailed me just now.

Said that something was €€250 which she then corrected as €250.

I came back with, “Ah, the EuroEuro. Soon to be our currency if we have to devalue…”

She said, “Don’t even joke about it. We’re *that* close!”

Says a lot about where our heads are at these days…


6 thoughts on “The EuroEuro! Or Is It Eurosquared?

  1. i hear the UK is in dire straights right now… but i also hear that China’s gov’t are fully expecting riots in the streets in more than a few major cities due to lack of jobs and money. THey’ve even gone so far as to hire and pay people to cut grass at golf courses using scissors – just to keep them ‘doing’ something.

  2. The best thing about the recession is that people aren’t complaining about traffic and global warming anymore. 🙂

    It’s fun to find the bright side.

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