The Guardian Of All Things Interesting…

I had a strange experience today. Because I’ve had very little spare time or time on the web the last few days I haven’t really posted here. I did, however, get the time to read the papers from the last couple of days this morning and, shock horror, I was inspired to blog things I read in old media here on a new media platform…


To be fair, it’s The Guardian. I always find it to be incredibly informative and relatively balanced in a way other papers aren’t; I’d kill for an Irish paper that were half as excellent as it is (and it’s only €1). So thus, a few links from things that caught my eye (I know it’s a links post but I’m tight for time again and I really do think you should check out these things:

The UK is to get its own magazine version of Wired. I know that sounds weird given that it started as a magazine in the US but I know it primarily as a website I visit all the time…

Emily Bell write about the problems of digital inforrmation, particularly in an interesting trial in the US.

Salam Pax, the Baghdad Blogger, writes about the changing face of marriage in Iraq.

I was only reminded by Paxman at the end of Newsnight last night that it was 20 years ago yesterday that all the world’s energy problems were solved forever with the “star in a jar”.

People all around the world are registering to police the US/Mexican border on their PCs. But, why?

This? Genius. It’s the equivalent of Sky+ for radio and the BBC are developing it for every radio station in the UK.


Middle East media. It’s the next growth market apparently.

Sure just look at this – via Niall O’K