16 thoughts on “The Holliers. Proper, Like.

  1. Ahh, the Picnic. Preparing myself at the moment Rick. One of the greatest weekends of my life last year! What to bring, what to bring…. Well, all the usual festival staples – wellies, loo roll, wet wipes, bum bag/pouch, Good socks (an plenty of them!). But for a real ‘picnic’ experience, how about going in-cognito and dressing up some?! If you thought the fancy dress of Oxegen was funny, WAIT till you get to EP. People go all out in costumes, the wild and whackier the better! People thought I was working at the event last year – part of the entertainment (!) coz I was fully dressed up both days. This year we are thinking of a burlesque theme..?! The Pussy Parlour is calling us!! 😉
    If you want to maximise your fun, I would DEFINITELY recommend dressing up. Pack that Wig!!!
    Would love to meet ya up there…..hopefully our pathes will cross soon!

  2. Never been to EP but Prague is beautiful. I’ve heard people say lately how expensive it is but I went many years ago and found it very reasonable. There were loads of funky little markets and boutiques tucked down alley ways – great shopping opportunities!

    What I remember mostly was the night life (surprised?). Some really great funky clubs & bars.

  3. Go to Cezke Krumlovie on the train. Stay a night. It’s real nice place with a mini Prauge castle. Or ceske Budvare Home of the real Budwiser.

  4. Rick, make a beeline for Malkmus and the Jicks on Sunday, you won’t be disappointed – a Ricknic video interview would be sweet!

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