The Hour Of Deadly Resurrection…


Yup, finally it returns in full flow as RTE 2XM launches officially next Monday (along with Choice, Chill, Pulse, Junior and Gold).

I’ll be on Monday at 20:00 with repeats Wednesday at 17:00 and Saturday at 14:00, the playlist will be up here straight after the show.

One hour, just new(ish) music, have a look here to give you an idea of what it’s going to be like, although the brief has slightly extended to cover older nonsense too:

One thought on “The Hour Of Deadly Resurrection…

  1. Oh, this “hour of deadly” is new to me. Had a read of the other posts, I always knew there was a good music DJ inside you just dying to get out, poxy lunchtime slot I say. Poxy!

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